About Monitoring

About Monitoring

Frank Burcher Installations recommends and offers professional security monitoring services throughout Cairns and the surrounding region 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Some security providers promote alarm systems that call mobile phones or send SMS messages when alarms are activated to reduce costs by not paying for monitoring - this is the only benefit of this service. Frank Burcher Installations offers this as part of our monitoring service but we certainly do not recommend this as a standalone solution. 

The disadvantages of this service included:

• Not being available when the alarm activates (in a meeting, movie or dinner)
• Not knowing if your alarm is even working (never tested)
• Not knowing what the alarm is (is it a power outage or intruder)
• Not knowing if an intruder is onsite (multiple alarms)
• Not receiving the SMS for days or ever (telecommunications carriers admit thousands of text never get through)
• Not being covered by insurance

Our “Monitoring Station” or control room is classified as a Grade 2 Level under Australian Standards.  Our control room was established in June 1997 and is privately owned and operated and located in Brisbane.

To ensure we meet the high standards expected we are continually upgrading our technology providing access to better services and equipment being manufactured.

The Police in each state have different policies in relation to attending alarms and in Qld they will only attend to alarms that are reported to them on a special contact number from an approved “Central Monitoring Station”. 

The monitoring stations work with the Qld Police to reduce the number of false alarms that the Qld Police are requested to attend and therefore will only attend to alarms that are categorized as high risk “Category A” or when 2 different zones are activated. They will not attend to single activations or multiple activations from the same zone or device. These will need to be attended to by a security patrol or the client.  

The monitoring stations will call your nominated contacts and advise them of the details the alarm has reported, and any appropriate actions to secure your home or business. The monitoring station can request Police to attend should the client live in a remote location and patrol are not resisted in the area.

There are several methods that your alarm system can communicate with our control room. These include Digital Dialer (standard telephone line), GPRS (mobile data network), and IP (Internet Protocol) all to deliver alarm notifications back to our control room.