FAQ’s about FBI

On each occasion I have been completely satisfied with Frank's work. He is always prompt and willing to solve any problem. He has never left before my security system is working properly. This makes me feel that my property is very secure. Frank always explains exactly what the problem was and how he fixed it. He also provides advice and tips on how I should use the system to the best effect.

We are dedicated to the protection of your home or business. Some security companies just like to install equipment, we go beyond that and provide genuine backup service and are contactable for our clients at all times, not just between 9-5.

You only have to speak to some of our satisfied clientele to know that dealing with FBI Security is a step up from the standard.

We service the Cairns and Tablelands area for advice on security alarm systems, monitoring, CCTV and more. If you are outside of these areas please contact us as we still may be able to assist and travel to meet demand.

FAQ’s about Security (alarm) Systems:

At Frank Burcher Installations we only use quality components and systems including the Bosch home and business security range. We have tested and serviced many pieces of equipment over the years so get to know the track record and reliability of the tools. We believe minimising downtime from equipment failure means better protection for our clients.

Yes, you can monitor your home/business at any time. However what happens if your phone is out of range, your phone is turned off or you are simply not available to attend! With a monitor Security (alarm) Systems you are guaranteed someone is watching, we then can follow your instructions. Also any trouble that may arise with the security system such as “low Battery” means we can have a technician attend to fix the problem.

Yes, Geckos, Cats and Dogs will all trigger alarms, however the right location and the right sensor will greatly reduce any issues.

That is great you have great neighbours so why would you risk your neighbours well being if there is an intruder in your home or what if your neighbours are away for the weekend. Your neighbour can’t motivate Police like security can, also your neighbour is not covered by insurance should they get hurt when they encounter an intruder.

FAQ’s about Camera (CCTV) systems:

FAQ’s about Monitoring:

Peace of mind, having monitoring by a monitoring station mean you are always being watched, it means that we can contact you, or whoever you have on your contact list, it means is we can’t get you or your contact list we can send a patrol person, it means that if we contact you and you can’t attend you can ask for a patrol person to attend, it also means we can track fault a lot faster and lowering the cost of maintaining your security system.

A number of things can happen depending on the type of alarm it is. Most alarm we will contact your contact list and ask for further instructions, if it is a duress alarm we will attempt to contact the premises if we are unable to reach anyone we then contact the Police.

If we receive an alarm from a Smoke or Heat Detector, we will contact you or your contact list and ask for further instructions. If we are unable to contact you or your contact list we can send a patrol person should we have prior permission. (WARNING) if the Fire Brigade is ask to attend, they may charge you or us a $1000 or more for attending, if we are charged we will pass this on plus 10% admin fees.

Because it is on a private network, make for a more secure transmission as appose to using the public mobile system where it can be hacked. Also now with Direct Connect Monitoring all your security is under one company and that’s us your security provider no more “ it’s that company or it his problem”.

FAQ’s about Finance: