Residential Security Solutions

FBI Security specialise in protecting and caring for two of the most important Assess in your life, your family and your home.

With a monitor Home Security (alarm) System we are able to watch your home for intruders or smoke, we can detect windows and doors being opened by intruders, we can even set up a chime so you can hear when your children have entered or exited the building or even the pool area.

FBI Security is equipped to do both hard wired and wireless Security (alarm) Systems and a combination of both. By using Remote Controllers, Proximity or Fingerprint Reader there are no reason to forget you user code.

We can equip your family with emergency device so should they feel harm is in the air they can alert someone to come and help.

FBI Security currently operate in and around the Cairns Area, providing peace of mind 24/7.

For extra Security and peace of mind FBI Security can always add a few cameras around or even in your home. Cameras can always be connected to the internet so you can view them from the office Mobile or laptop, if you have an alarm activate when you are in your office you can very easily view the cameras to see what the problem is or is not.

You can have the cameras or a camera (like the front door Camera) takes a 10 second clip and sends it to your email address.

FBI Security takes the worry out of your security needs so you can have back freedom you deserve.